¿Que está sucediendo en Filipinas?

11 nov, 2013

Recientemente Filipinas ha sido devastada por uno de los peores desastres naturales registrados hasta la fecha, 10,000 personas han sido reportadas sin vida y muchísimos más se encuentran desamparados. El presidente Benigno Aquino ha declarado a su país en Estado de Calamidad. El tifón Haiyan y el terremeto de 7.1 han devastado a Filipinas, sus efectos han llegado al punto que Vietnam ha reportado ciudadanos desaparecidos.

As many as 10,000 people are believed dead in Leyte, a province in the Philippines, after strong winds and giant waves destroyed parts of the nation in one of the worst storms ever recorded.

Una casa en Leyte, una de las provincias en Filipinas arrasada por la terrible tormenta.


Corpses hung from trees and were found along sidewalks and demolished buildings, the Associated Press reports.

Los cuerpos de las víctimas fueron encontrados colgando de árboles, en escombros y en plena acera.


Typhoon Haiyan appears to be the deadliest natural disaster on record in the Philippines

El tifón Haiya es peor desastre natural que ha sido registrado en Filipinas.

Les compartimos imágenes de como están luchando los habitantes de Filipinas por sobrevivir:

Iglesias están siendo utilizadas como centro de evacuación.

Abigail Castinos lleva días buscando a sus dos hijos…

La costa, todavía con cadáveres :(

Survivors pass by two ships after they were washed ashore by strong waves caused by Typhoon Haiyan-Yolanda in Tacloban City. Aaron Favila Associated Press

Dos navíos en su paradero luego de la tormenta…

Más devastación…

First off, Tacloban City is devastated. The city is a horrid landscape of smashed buildings and completely defoliated trees, with widespread looting and unclaimed bodies decaying in the open air. The typhoon moved fast and didn't last long-- only a few hours-- but it struck the city with absolutely terrifying ferocity. At the height of the storm, as the wind rose to a scream, as windows exploded and as our solid-concrete downtown hotel trembled from the impact of flying debris, as pictures blew off the walls and as children became hysterical, a tremendous storm surge swept the entire downtown. Waterfront blocks were reduced to heaps of rubble. In our hotel, trapped first-floor guests smashed the windows of their rooms to keep from drowning and screamed for help, and we had to drop our cameras and pull them out on mattresses and physically carry the elderly and disabled to the second floor. Mark's leg was ripped open by a piece of debris and he'll require surgery. The city has no communication with the outside world. The hospitals are overflowing with the critically injured. The surrounding communities are mowed down. After a bleak night in a hot, pitch-black, trashed hotel, James, Mark, and I managed to get out of the city on a military chopper and get to Cebu via a C-130-- sitting next to corpses in body bags. Meteorologically, Super Typhoon HAIYAN was fascinating; from a human-interest standpoint, it was utterly ghastly. It's been difficult to process.

La ciudad de Tacloban…

La estación de policía…


Felices supervivientes :)

Víveres en camino…

Hasta las mascotas pagaron un precio…

El teatro al aire libre…

El aeropuerto de Tacloban…



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